Friday, 1 August 2014

Disney clothing line? Yes please!

First read this article.

I am clearly a big fan of Black Milk so I'm sure you know what to expect of this post. I'm also not a fan of women's magazines (read this post here) ESPECIALLY Cosmo. Warning: lil rant about Cosmo here; Cosmo makes women feel shit and is written by women. It is magazines like this making us think we have to look or dress a certain way. How a magazine that writes articles about sexually pleasing your man, and why men will always cheat, can publish an article like this I don't fucking know. Cosmo (and every other woman’s magazine out there) you're doing it wrong and making the rest of us women look bad.

The Disney line from Black Milk is not "sexualising" Disney. Women wear swimsuits, women wear bikinis, some women are massive Disney fans and would love to wear Disney themed clothes. Oh hello Black Milk! Thank you for answering the hopes and dreams of us grown up Disney fans!

If you see swimsuits, or leggings, or anything a woman might choose to wear as sexual it is YOUR attitude that is the problem. If you are a woman and you think this I'm sorry you are so insecure and feel that we must dress in a certain way in order to... I don't know actually. Why must we dress a certain way? You tell me? 

In the article you say it's disturbing to children? If I was a child and saw a grown up wearing Disney I would fucking love them. Kids love adults who are down with the kid stuff. If we can't wear Disney without it being "traumatizing" for kids does that mean we can't watch Disney films and enjoy them? Does that mean I can't sing Let It Go loudly and extremely passionately even though I love it?

I don't know who you mean by "we are not sold on this Disney collection" 'cos the reaction to your article certainly seems like most people are sold on it. And also that's cool if you wanna be a classy grown up woman, none of us are gonna judge or tell you no. But who gave you the right to judge us for being childish and wanting to wallow in Disney? 


  1. I just took a look and they look awesome, give me the Mulan skirt any day :) Why does everything have to be so complicated, why can't people just wear the disney print and that be the end of it. Fuuuck, everyone just has to twist every little thing about the world.

  2. You said it exactly right! Anything me and my friends try to fight for, we just wish that everyone would simmer down and get along! It'd be so much easier if everyone just respected each others differences! Like the girl in the film Mean Girls who just wants to bake a cake of rainbows and smiles and have everyone get along :') x

  3. EXACTLY! Seriously, you can't say anything these days without some getting their underwear all in a twist and freaking out. There isn't always some secret agenda behind everything... Drives me insane.