Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Bookmarked #13

Mummy, daddy and baby animals aahhh

My cousin sent me this buzzfeed list of yum veggie burgers so I've saved it so I can come back and pick out certain recipes. Might actually try one of them one day.

1 is 2 many campaign - good to see people in power standing up for those who need more voice.

This just says it all really - any size or shape is beautiful and it's our current society that changed and ruined attitudes.

I posted on something similar to this recently, and this is also written in a delightfully sarky way! Are you sooooo OCD that you have to colour code your wardrobe?! GASP!

I love pugs. And smug pugs are the best pugs.

The five biggest threats to human existence - well this is scary. Especially as the top threat is ourselves. Hhmmm.

Not everyone's cup of tea, but I love clever graffiti like these .

If you are like me and struggle with techy stuff, you might also not get Google+, like me. So this post on Sweet Electric is a great help.

I read this whenever I'm feeling sad. It makes me cry, but it just reminds me that there are some truly good people out there.

amber x 


  1. Pugs are the best :D

    Thanks for writing this post, it made me smile!

  2. Lovely post! Loving the first link, SO cute! x