Sunday, 20 July 2014

This week happiness is... #2

More music making me happy! Been so much more into my music lately. Thanks to Kerri for commenting last week and introducing me to Twenty One Pilots - they have been played a lot this week! I have a couple of playlists I've been listening to non-stop. I love mega chill music, electronic or acoustic, also absolutely love folk music. Working in Fat Face means I'm introduced to some mega cool music.

Time off from work! Got to take the sis out for a day (shopping and wagamamas - more happiness!).

Finding a recipe similar to Frankie & Benny's sticky pasta that they stopped doing ages ago on Hayley's blog Water Painted Dreams! I can't wait to make it! (Without the chicken though).

Doing nothing but sitting in the crazy hot sun all day.

Feeling creatively inspired. I'm sure I said this last week as well! It seems to come in bursts! I honestly think at different points during the week I have some really good ideas, and for the rest of the week I'm just a flop.

Making my own wrapping paper for mama's birthday! I started off with no paper, no tape, and no birthday card! I found a kiddy craft box and improvised with pink paper, stickers and silver tape. Turned out much better than any store bought paper and I can't wait for my sister's birthday now!

Yummy pizza at Pizza Express with the fam to celebrate mama's birthday. We love a good pizza.


  1. There is nothing like finding new music, is there?

    Time off work is also a win! :)

    Corinne x

  2. I'm so glad you loved the Twenty One Pilot, they are amazing. I'm actually going to see them in concert in November, super excited!!