Wednesday, 16 July 2014

I hate zoos

I'm not going to make this a long one, I think it's pretty obvious why some people hate zoos. The only zoo I know that I can support is Dublin zoo. I'm just writing this short post because an email came through recently asking me to sign a petition to save a depressed polar bear. If you haven't heard, Arturo is a polar bear living in very poor conditions in a too hot climate, and on top of that has seemed to be depressed since his companion passed away two years ago. This petition is to move the polar bear to a more suitable zoo in Canada, where the temperatures are closer to that of it's natural habitat.

I don't agree with zoos at all, like I said, but this move would be a vast improvement to the conditions it's currently in. Also like the facebook page for more news.


  1. I think a zoo from a coservation view is a great idea but so many are very commercialised now a days, that I think the meaning gets lost. I love going to the zoo I just wish enclosures were on a much larger scale and had the animals interest at heart!

  2. I agree - that's why I mentioned Dublin zoo! If you haven't been there go! They do amazing things and the enclosures are big, and much more natural :')

  3. i read about this and it made me so sad! i hate zoo's and being from the west midlands, i hate the safari park,, how anyone can think it's okay to lock these animals away is just unknown too me.... xx

  4. I nearly cried watching the video about it :( i've only been to a safari park once and I don't remember it I was so young :( if zoos exist they should be to help the animals, protect them maybe, breeding programmes that sorta thing xo


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