Friday, 18 July 2014

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If Disney Princesses were actually sloths. This made my day. Actually it made my week. Slotherella is my fave.

I struggle with feeling lonely a lot, and struggle spending time alone so this post helped a bit and gave me some things to think about.

Make sure you watch the video of this link. Photographer comes face to face with leopard seal and the seal tries to feed him!

Easy fish and chips recipe on Blue Hair in Belgium. Perfect for a student like me who likes her food to have more flavour than boring chicken.

Enlarged photos of drugs - so pretty to look at.

This is so true. I can relate to it especially well I apologise all the time, and this video shows how apologetic us women are for, well, being women.

Music snobs. I hate them too.

Almost didn't include this. And still considering writing a post on it but it'd just be a huge negative rant. So I'll leave it here, take a deep breath, and know that not everything is worth reacting to.

Such amazing, emotive photos.

Recently got into listening to poetry on youtube. Don't be put off - it's not the same as your English teacher rattling it off in the same monotonous voice all year. It's passionate - and this one in particular stirred up so many emotions and made me cry.

amber x 

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  1. Ahhh thanks for the mentions!! (I'm super behind on my blog reading!)