Friday, 6 June 2014

Turning 19

I stayed in Portsmouth for my birthday so I was with my housemates and friends down here. My housemates made my birthday so lovely - they are the best people ever!

The boys had blown up 100 balloons and drowned me in them in the morning. They also forgot to wrap my presents so put them in a bin bag. This was better I'm telling you! It was like pulling presents out of a Christmas stocking! My lovely family sent balloons and wine and chocolates, and I got to talk to them on face time later in the day - and I'm going to see them at the weekend to go out for food. In the evening we had a few people over for a BBQ (first of the year!) and we stayed outside eating and playing darts. The boys surprised me again with a pinata! One o the best birthday surprises ever! When it got cold we headed inside and ended up drawing on balloons with the face paints the boys had also picked up.

I'm still denying that I'm 19 - I want to be 18 forever! But I had a really lovely, relaxed birthday and I still have family time to look forward to!

Bin bag full of presents!

Ice lolly maker - present from the boys.

Painting on windows on a birthday is a family tradition of my housemate, so she used the face paints to draw bambi on a window. She drew bambi for a reason - it's not just totally weird and random haha.

The pinata!

Happy balloon.


  1. That PiƱata is huge! Looks like you had a lovely birthday, enjoy your last year of being a teenager haha!

  2. It's not actually that big - just realised what the angle of the photo does do it haha! Thank you very much - I will! xo