Monday, 9 June 2014

This Week #6

I've still been ill so spent the first half of the week recovering.

The day before my birthday lots of strangers were just so nice to me! The guy in the bank, the dude in Lush who gave me extra free samples, and the lovely man with his dog who gave me a huge smile and said hello to me. Strangers being friendly can make anyone's day a million times better!

My birthday was on Wednesday so we had some friends over for a BBQ - read post here.

I've spent even more time at the beach  - loving the smell of sun-cream and wearing sundresses!

I've seen the morning light before going to sleep too many times this week - when walking home at 4am after a house party eating mr kebab chips. A high and low point of life...

Today (Sunday) I came home to see my family as I wasn't with them on my birthday. We sat outside chatting over cups of tea until we went out for dinner. I really appreciated family time this week and to be honest am looking forward to coming home for summer!


  1. I love it when strangers are friendly, even a smile from a stranger can make my day! I think people these days are too scared of someone that don't know. I need to get to the beach too tbh, especially before the tourists arrive in Cornwall! I wouldn't say walking home at 4am is a low point, even the kebab chips aren't! Being young is great, and seeing the sunrise in the early hours of the morning is something we won't be doing in our 40's! :)

  2. I get scowls sometimes if I smile at someone :( notice this in my home town but in portsmouth at uni people are so nice :) it was definitely a good 4am walk home, and involved party hats :P xo