Monday, 9 June 2014

So many good things!

While I'm feeling so happy I have to write this post! I've been pretty down about certain things lately but some things in life are just fucking great. Not just great. Fucking great.

I came home to visit the family yesterday to do something together for my birthday and we went out for a really nice dinner. A lot of the time I feel more anxious and down at home 'cos of bad memories but I was so excited to see my family it just never came! And I carried on feeling great when I woke up! Usually I wake up with a nervous knot in my stomach and can't eat for a while but I had a cracking breakfast - yes this makes me happy and excited!

I spent today shopping with mam which aside from high street clothes being boring and expensive I had so much fun :) I made cupcakes with my sister and just got another exam result! And did well! It means so much to me that I've done well so far in my first year exams 'cos I spent my last year of school bullied, miserable and had teachers constantly telling me "don't apply to uni, you won't get in" or "science is too hard, you'll struggle" blah blah blah. Well I'd just love to go shove it in their faces. I hate how some teachers only care about how the school looks with it's results instead of encouraging kids. Well I've proved I am good at science and that it was purely depression and anxiety that held me back at a-level.

And I'm just feeling generally grateful for my lovely friends and family, and the smell of red velvet cupcakes wafting upstairs :')

How are all of you? I hope everyone else is feeling great too, spread the love :) xo


  1. This was a lovely post to read, glad you're feeling so upbeat and happy! Congrats on your fab exam result, I'm sure if you work hard and believe in yourself you'll show all the haterzzz x

  2. With the kindest respect what sort of crack addicted teachers did you have?
    I'm so glad things are looking up, you deserve it so much. I have a lot of respect for you, especially after all the shit you went through last year. It would've been piss easy to just give up but you took the courageous decision to kick some ass instead.
    All my lovin' xoxo

  3. I'm so glad that you are happy, posts like these are so nice and uplifting to read! I hope it lasts for you :) xxx

  4. Hahaha yeh man them teachers be cray.
    Thank you so much you wonderful lady - "Why should I worry" from Oliver & company is my new theme song ;) xoxo