Saturday, 28 June 2014

Sale Picks || Zara shoes

I had a little trawl through the whole of the site but to be honest none of the clothes appealed to me. I just don't seem to be liking anything the high street has on offer at the moment, I prefer vintage or offbeat little indie shops. But I love shoes from anywhere and narrowed down my favourites. I'm not gonna buy any - far too poor for that - but I can look!

I don't wear heels. It's been almost a year since I last did! But these chunky yellow wedges would be easy to walk in and are really summery. The ankle boots are obviously not summery and I'd never be able to pull them off but oh if I could. The ballerina flats are the ones I'd most likely buy, a bit too girly for me to be honest, I live in converse or creepers, but I love glitter and glitter + shoes = crazy glitter induced coma.

Are any other sales good? Link me your top picks, I am honestly too lazy to trawl through sales so help a girl out!


  1. I like the strappy platform wedges. I'm currently haunting for some good bargains or sale. I'll let you know if I found one. :)

    Lilly. xx

  2. I love the flats! I have an addiction but you can never have to many flats right?!


  3. yay thank you! I deffo need some shopping help ;) xo

  4. Definitely not! I have so many shoes, and always wear the same pair! xo

  5. ahh those yellow heels are seriously gorgeous ^v^ I quite often find some good bits in the Topshop sales x