Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Real phobias

Phobias are an extreme, maybe irrational, fear of something.

It's pretty common now for every little fear to call it a phobia but that's just not what a phobia is. It winds me up a bit when people claim to have a phobia but they just don't like something. I'd love to see them cope with a real phobia. A more serious claim is when people just throw around the term OCD. Now I don't have OCD but I can understand it, doesn't mean I have OCD. I like my plates to be clean and throw tantrums when my housemates leave bread crusts on the sofas but that's NOT OCD. I know so many people who say they have OCD for a bit of attention but when they're alone there's nothing wrong. But that's a whole other post, I'm focusing on phobias.

I'm going to use spiders as an example 'cos most people are a little scared of them and I'm pretty sure it's the most common phobia. I've been scared of them my whole life but have gone through phases where I can cope better. But gradually as I got older (not wiser) it's got so much worse and I now understand how truly terrifying it his having a phobia of something. Right now I'm sitting in my front room covered in sweat, my hair is sticking to me, still crying, my chest is in a lot of pain feeling so tight, and my head is spinning. This is all thanks to the shitty little spider chilling on my chest of drawers. So many people assume a fear of spiders is just girls being drippy. And sometimes it is and I'm telling you those whiny attention seekers do my head in. I'm actually embarrassed of my phobia! Which is why I'm sitting in the front room and not getting the neighbours to come help me 'cos it's a teeny spider. I know it won't hurt me, probably won't even touch me and all the usual I'm bigger than it blah blah blah. But despite all this when I see one, listen to someone talk about one or picture it in my mind I start to freak out.

This kind of thing applies to most mental issues. People claiming to have phobias, OCD, anxiety issues are real disrespectful to those who really do.

Do any of you have any real phobias? Ones that give you horrible panic attacks and can really hinder your life?

P.S. i partially wrote this post to distract myself from panicking about the spider upstairs. It partially worked, I'm not crying now! I'm still scratching at my skin though...


  1. allthingsbeautiful25 June 2014 at 13:01

    This makes me so angry, I completely agree with you. I have a phobia of something that I don't want to mention and it means I completely avoid going anywhere this thing might be. If I see one I panic and scream, cry and hyperventilate, it is so embarrassing. I have had therapy for it and even when I think about my phobia my heart beats faster and I get upset. This is a real phobia and not someone who wants attention from being slightly afraid of something like spiders. I hope your phobia improves soon, I know how utterly debilitating it can be. xx

  2. Oh no! I hope the little bugger cleared off soon after you wrote this. I don't really mind them but it must be horrible to be so afraid especially as they're everywhere this time of year! My biggest fear is heights but luckily I can usually avoid them x

  3. I totally get this! Lots of medical terms are thrown around with no real thought for those who truly suffer from them. I have a phobia of spiders too- I start shaking, feel faint and physically sick at the thought of them's definitely different from being 'a bit scared'. Great post! x

    Sophie /

  4. I speak out about it as much as I can, and have told off plenty of my friends for just throwing certain words around. One of my friends keeps saying how OCD he is for having to do his own washing up! Makes my blood boil. But I've explained it to him now so even if I can just make a few people understand I feel like I'm doing something :) xo