Wednesday, 18 June 2014

On growing up and changing shape

I feel like I'm having some kind of weird identity crisis at the moment. I don't know how to dress, I don't feel comfortable or confident in anything. Which isn't at all like me, I've always known what suits me and felt like I know how to dress so this total lack of confidence is really getting me down. I'm thinking that's it's just a case of growing up and changing shape.

My clothes just weren't fitting me and I know I've put weight on which is a good thing for me - no longer skin and bones looking like a teenage boy! But when some of your favourite clothes don't fit you anymore it's super sucky. And because of the change of body shape (hello boobs and booty) different clothes suit me and fit me differently. It's sometimes hard to find things that flatter a skinny waist and big boobs. Anyone else have this problem? It's like high street stores cater for girls who are straight up and down but guess what - we come in all shapes and sizes never two the same.

I'm selling anything that doesn't fit or suit me and changing my wardrobe yet again. I turned 19 a couple of weeks ago and everything just seems to tie in with the fact that I'm growing up. I'm not a skinny little kid anymore. I'm steadily getting my confidence back, thanks to some new clothes which show off how I look now.

I decided to write this 'cos I'm sure everyone goes through this at some point. I thought I was done growing at 17 but my 21 year old housemate told me that she's changed since she was 18. Guess I'm not done growing up yet. I'm scared of all the changes, not just looks, very much more scared of responsibilities, but it's all a big adventure really that will bring new experiences.

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  1. Change can be scary but also really good too! I'm 21 and I'm finally kinda growing out of that skinny stage which I'm super happy about x