Thursday, 19 June 2014

Isle of Wight festival 2014 through a shitty disposable camera...

Take me back to Saturday night skanking out to The 1975, The Specials and Chilli Peppers pleeeeaaaseee.

Isle of Wight is such a nice festival to go to - everyone is nice! And you can get down the front and skank out without being crushed or having any bones broken! Can't believe I got to see all these crazy awesome bands. I'm not really one to fan girl over famous people but I fan girled so hard last weekend. When Nina Nesbitt came on stage I was jumping up and down gasping - I'm pretty certain she smiled at me too! Three times! She was def not smiling at the dude in front of me with an inflatable banana.

I can't really put into words how amazing it all was - the camping, the people I was with and the new people we met and the music. We even had a cheeky dominos during Suede. Anyone else go Isle of Wight this year? Or what other festivals are ya'll going to? I wanna go Bestival and Victorious! Victorious is a little one in Southsea but it's got great people playing and for only £20 I will be there!


  1. I want to go to a festival like that too~
    Great shots BTW

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  3. loved these pictures, they look so good :')

  4. I've never done a festival, it's tooooooo much for me
    But they always look like great fun

  5. I am SO jealous, the line up looked amazing this year! Glad you had a fab time x