Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Things I know

Barbecue sauce stains carpets. And it's really sticky.

Nail varnish lasts ridiculously long on toe nails and less than a day on finger nails.

It's OK to not be OK all the time.

Walking is good for the soul.

So is the seaside.

Women get a lot of shit for being women and are sexualised way too much. Yeh hi - I have a personality too.

Your life is your own so do what makes you happy and not what others think you should do.

Love hurts.

But it's also totally worth it.

Nothing in life should be a regret because you learn from each mistake.

No one should need a relationship to be happy.

Being nice is really not hard. Neither is thinking of others. (So I don't understand why some people are dicks for no reason?)

The biggest regrets are the things you don't do or hold yourself back from.

It's better to love and be loved and get hurt than not love at all.

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