Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Sexism at it's finest... leggings banned in school for distracting boys.

I read this article about leggings being banned in school for distracting the boys. Here is my response.

Yet another example of the sexism women - and even girls as young as 13 - have to deal with. I actually can't believe this and after reading the comments I can't believe how backward some peoples opinions are!

Leggings are comfortable and women should be able to wear what they want without fear. We are NOT "asking for it" if we wear leggings, or shorts, or anything!

Women are NOT sex objects but thanks to the media that is what the general attitude seems to be. Leggings are too 'distracting' to boys in school?! Maybe they need to have a reality check because women have personalities too. And maybe the people enforcing this rule need a reality check too. The teachers at this school (not just male, female also) need to stop putting this attitude onto children because girls will grow up believing only looks matter. And boys will grow up thinking the most important thing about a girl is her looks.

A male commented on this "no they are not appropriate, maybe men should wear leggings too" um have you heard of running tights? When men wear these and are out exercising, running, whatever, (in general) they won't suffer hassle. When women go out for a run (this has happened to me and so many people I know too) or even for a walk, we suffer car horns, blokes shouting abuse at us from cars, wolf whistles, even being followed.

Another comment - 'the women commenting simply do not understand teenage guys going through puberty,,, Controlling those urges as a teenager might desensitize them later in life.'
I can't believe someone wrote this. Controlling those urges!? Women are NOT sex objects.

Women have brilliant, creative, intelligent minds the same as men do so why is it always our looks or how we dress that is the focus?

And before anyone gets defensive - not once have I been sexist in any way towards men. And I also know that not all men have this shitty attitude. I'm not accusing individual people, I am accusing the media for shaping our society to be this way.

Edit - i think that in schools a certain uniform should be in place and students should look smart. Both male and female. However, you don't see women complaining that we are sooooo distracted when guys wear their trousers so low you can see their underwear! Telling schoolgirls what they can and can't wear because of boys is wrong. There is no grey area about it.


  1. Banning leggings?! Seriously! My old school banned body con skirts because it made the 'men feel uncomfortable' which I could almost understand!

  2. That is utterly ridiculous. From a young age we're teaching boys that it's women's responsibility to stop us from being from being viewed as objects, or worse sexually assulted. How about instead of teaching girls how to not "provoke" boys, we teach the boys to respect women and to not rape them. This picture sums it up: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/299559812685377647/

    Victoria, x victoriachapman.co.uk

  3. I completely agree, how ridiculous!

    Efia @ Effy Talks Life xxx