Friday, 18 April 2014

OOTD || charity shop jumper

Jumper - charity shop || velvet leggings - romwe

Bit of a weird and lazy outfit post. Not really an outfit at all. Just me lying on my bed in my fave jumper. And some velvet leggings. You can even see peter rabbit in the corner there. Basically I'm super lazy and am also not feeling well at all, and my face looks like a dead sloth.

I'm sure I've posted this jumper before but it's my absolute favourite and was only £2 from a charity shop I used to volunteer at. I think it's my most worn item of clothing ever in my whole life! Except maybe a brazil football shirt I had when I was eight. It's so soft and comforting, like someones giving me a massive hug. I've noticed I wear it more when I'm having a shit time of things.


  1. Well to be fair it's a lovely colour and it really does look like the comfiest jumper ever so it's no surprise it's your most worn item! Xx

  2. That's beautiful!! :)

  3. That sweater looks so comfy!! I love the pink shade too!

  4. pretty nice blog, following :)

  5. Its such a pretty jumper, great find hun, xoxo.


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