Tuesday, 8 April 2014

OOTD || the 39 steps

Necklace - brought back from Fuerteventura || Top - Zara (old) || Jeans - Topshop || Boots - Office

First day back home for the Easter hols and the fam and I went to London to see The 39 Steps - a comedy play based on the thriller Hitchcock film. My younger sister has to study it for GCSE, same as I did when I did drama GCSE! I was so happy to be going to see it again 'cos I thought it was amazing the first time I saw it. It's so so funny, slapstick comedy and it takes the mick out of drama techniques and uses creative lighting techniques.... I could go on forever about this play! You should really go see it!


  1. Lovely outfit, really like the style of the top! I've never seen 39 steps, i didn't even know what it was about :S xo


  2. I really love this outfit, simple but chic! :) The play sounds good, I love going to the theatre. I did Blood Brothers and To Kill A Mockingbird for GCSE and went to see them in the theatre so many times but loved seeing them again and again they were so good. Every cast always does something a little different too x

    justrach.com xo