Saturday, 12 April 2014

Five things about me

I started writing a tag post but got bored. Does anyone really care what my favourite drink is?! (Peach ice tea btw). There's also the classic '25 facts about me' but that's a lot to take in in one go so I'm thinking we'll break it up a bit by writing five things about me.

1. Until Christmas 2013 I'd never made a paper snowflake before. I think my housemates were mildly horrified. I made up for it by making a stupid amount of snowflakes and they're still on our front window now.

2. I suck at technology. Computers, phones, anything with wires. I'm still figuring out my iPhone and I've had one for ages. Only just learnt I could change the tone of my alarm in the mornings!

3. I haven't worn heels since September 2013. I couldn't be bothered to count back how many months so I'm telling you since when. Taking laziness to a new level. When I go out I want to be able to move and join in so always wear converse. And being a student involves a lot of walking.

4. I'm supremely lazy. In some ways. If I'm on the sofa I'll do anything to not get up - including waiting for a housemate to come home to bring me food from the kitchen.

5. I have a star shaped scar on my forehead (next Harry Potter I reckon) from when I was six and I was tripped over in the playground and my glasses went into my head. I actually hardly remember this, I just remember the teachers not having a clue what to do.

Those facts are so boring why am I even writing this? I can't come up with any interesting facts right now oh my stars am I such a boring person? Ok there might be another of these posts - I promise I'll work harder on it and it'll be more interesting. Maybe.


  1. I don't often wear heels on nights out any more, I realised I was always left tottering behind my friends like a fool with all the wondering about we did! I suck at technology too, I don't think I'll ever get the hang of it haha, once I understand something updates of it come out anyway!


  2. I never wear heels anymore either (or rarely), if I go out for a night out it means that I spend the night dancing, not wincing in pain because of my feet!