Wednesday, 30 April 2014


I've been back at uni for only a week, and I feel like I've been constantly busy. Which to be honest probably isn't true. My exams start in a week so I've been trying to get on that revision theng. It's not going too badly so far.

Aside from that this week I've been catching up with friends, had my best bud come visit, suffered the worlds worst two day hangover (after a cracking night to be fair), finished watching Gossip Girl, pub, watched Game of Thrones (OMG), watched Saving Private Ryan for the first time (underwhelmed) and been to the beach a few times. It's been so good to be back home, even if I am busy revising I'm managing to spend some really nice time with my friends.

If you have exams soon - good luck with them (especially A-Levels, they're a bitch). If you don't just keep quiet for the next couple of months and try not to aggravate anyone.

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