Friday, 14 March 2014

How to make your uni house more homely

Wrap pipe cleaners around cupboard handles.

Stick webcam photos of you and your housemates everywhere.

Don't clean - makes it look lived in*

Put up inappropriate pictures.

Stick anything and everything to the fridge.

More pictures of you and your housemates.

Fairy lights make everything more cosy.

Find art and stick it everywhere. When I say art I mean do some finger painting.

Have cosy blankets in your bedroom and in the living room.

Same goes for cushions.

Drape material over cupboard doors or over your bed to make for cosyness.

*Don't do this 'cos it's grim and one of you will get food poisoning at some point. Well, you'll probably get it anyway from eating moldy bread or someone turning the freezer off but still... be clean.

Edit: The last picture of the drawing was done by my housemate, not a cute 6 year old cousin.

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  1. hahaha so cuite drawing :)


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