Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Car boot sale

I've been to this car boot sale quite a few times now but before this I'd never been to one. My friends have told me this is a very small car boot sale but I think it's the perfect size. There's enough time to get around everywhere and browse, and not too much that you'll miss something awesome, but there is enough to find so many gems. And there's the burger van. I know I'm trying to be vegetarian but this is my Sunday morning treat (please don't throw rocks at me)!

I didn't actually take these photos I've used - apart from the ones below - my housemate took them and I used them 'cos his photos are better than mine. I should show you the stunning selfie he took as well. He's actually the best person to go shopping with 'cos he knows things I like, and he doesn't get impatient with me! If you're reading this don't let it go to your head bud...

Considering how broke I am I shouldn't be buying anything but it was a car boot sale... and that candle is definitely not a yankee candle.


  1. Gotta love a good car boot sale. Am hoping to go to a few this Spring/Summer :)...have a mooch!

    Gem x

  2. I love car boots, i really want to go to one at Easter and sell a lot but i can tell i'll end up buying loads from other stalls! xo