Monday, 24 March 2014

Bookmarked #7

How men think in relationships - actually funny and probably true! Especially the mind reading one!

Messages from creationists to people who believe in evolution - this is something I feel strongly about. Most of these messages are ridiculously idiotic - one of them even gets 'there' and 'their' mixed up. I'm sorry but you will never be taken seriously if you can't differentiate between these two words. I could write a whole post on this...

Challenge against neknominations

Most important way to deal when things go wrong

Beautiful photos and lingerie - I love lingerie, I just wish I could afford the really nice stuff.

Raising Money for Brain Research Trust - a post I wrote about my mam running the London marathon. If you would like to sponsor you can go straight to her fundraising page :) so far she's raised over £700! Please help a good cause :)

amber x 

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