Friday, 21 March 2014

10 things i love about spring

1. Sunshine - I know it's not always sunshiney but even the small glimpses or one warm day here and there makes me so much happier.

2. Creme eggs - need I say more? Chocolate just isn't the same the rest of the year.

3. Fresh food - around spring I crave fresh fruits and vegetables much more so end up eating healthy without having to try.

4. All the flowers coming out - daffodils mainly and croci. Crocuses. Crocus. What's the plural?!*

5. Baby animals - lambs, chicks and bunnies!

6. Blossom

7. Mother's Day - I love treating the people I love and I have something great planned for this year!

8. Wearing dresses

9. Being outside - I love being outside and warmer weather and the sun make it so much easier in the spring and summer to even just sit outside.

10. Excitement for summer - it's so close now I am so freaking excited for things I have planned/can plan!


  1. Oh yes, creme eggs! I love snowdrops more than daffodils, so pretty!
    Water Painted Dreams xxx

  2. The things I would do for a creme egg...I can't wait to start wearing dresses, without tights, again! Although this does mean I'll have to do some fake tanning soon, else people will be blinded by my ghostly whiteness.
    Emma's Treasures
    Emma xo

  3. I do love Spring! It makes me realise that we are coming out of the dark days (winter, that is, ha!).

    I tend to eat more fresh fruit and vegetables in Spring/Summer, it's a lot easier than eating Winter comforts!



  4. i love spring hehe! :) the things you mentioned are pretty true for me too! x

  5. I love Spring wear, xoxo.