Thursday, 6 February 2014


I just deleted everything I wrote 'cos I have no idea what to write. Or more like I have too much to say and can't get it into a coherent order. Feeling a little overwhelmed with all the thoughts at the moment.

I guess first I'll say I posted #TimetoTalk on facebook and then saw my cousin posted about her anxiety, and friend posted about his depression, and another friend started commenting on my post admitting to his depression and that he didn't ever talk about it. Right now I feel pretty good for this :)

Now I don't know what to say again. This is harder than I thought haha.

I did a post about accepting anxiety recently, that was a positive post to write.

Things are basically looking up 'cos I accepted that I had anxiety and openly talked about. Most of my friends now know about it and it makes coping so much easier when you don't have to hide it!

Opening up at first is so hard and some things you just carry around with you all the time and just have to put on a brave face but there is no shame in having a mental health problem.

The more open we are about them, and the less we feel ashamed, the more accepting people will be.


  1. it was so brave of you to talk about your anxiety, especially on the internet, I am so happy I decided to talk to people about mine just under a year ago and it really does help, I'm glad you're happier now :) x

  2. i agree with the comment above, well done for talking about it. i don't really talk to my friends about my mental health issues and that definitely does make it harder. hopefully talking about it is just the start of things getting better. x