Saturday, 15 February 2014

OOTD || The Clash tee & tartan

Hey this is me sneaking a peek at the camera like "has it taken the damn shot yet?!"
Someone teach me how to be in front of a camera. Pls.

I say this every time but lets ignore my cawkwardness...

The Clash tee - does anyone exist who doesn't like The Clash?!
Tartan leggings - well these are old but apparently tartan is all super cool again so head on down to Topshop 'cos they do a lot. Or if your poor like me, don't.
Mermaid hair
Converse - they have blood stains in them right now from a night out. Shall I just bung them in the washing machine and hope for the best? Hot or cold?

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  1. I want some tartan trews... but I don't think they will suit me, waaaa! Love the look babe!

  2. love that tee! :)
    anyway, i hope you can join my on-going blog giveaway!
    i'd love for you to win it!

  3. Hey. I just found your blog! It is totally amazing. Love your style!
    Would you like to follow each other?
    Let me know!

    With love,

  4. Adorable outfit! Love your blog going to give it a follow :3