Sunday, 12 January 2014

OOTD || rainbow beanie & denim skirt

Beanie - Primark || Jumper - New Look || Denim skirt - H&M || converse

Why am I so cawkward?! (that's a new word I just made -  camera awkward)
The hat is so much more amazing in real life... in these it kinda looks like an egg cosy. And my head's the egg. Just appreciate it's magical rainbowness unicornesqueality.

I'm thinking I might not write words with outfit posts...just because I tend to ramble meaningless crap and that's not cool. So I might try that next. Let me know your thoughts - unicornesqueality rambles good or not?!

amber x 


  1. I love your (meaningless crap) rambles, they make me laugh!
    SUPER CUTE♥ HAT (btw)

  2. So cute! The hat and sweater look amazingly cozy and warm. Who cares if its cawkward. :)


  3. I love your hat!

    I too happen to be cawkward, it's why I just don't post ootd's haha!



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