Wednesday, 22 January 2014

I can't sleep...

To be honest I reckon most teenagers/young adults have sleeping difficulties. I definitely do.
Just thought I'd list some things I do when I can't sleep, see if it helps :)

1. Write down all the worries going round in your head. I now have a journal to do this that my mama bought me for Christmas. It's good just to get it all down, especially if it's stuff you actually want/need to remember.

2. Drink a hot milky drink (that's not tea or coffee).

3. Listen to relaxing music. This doesn't actually help me but I know people it does help.

4. Meditate. Yeh it works. So does yoga.

5. Don't look at your phone or laptop or any screen for at least an hour before you settle down to go to bed. I'm sure most people know this and ignore it. I ignore it...

6. Have a hot bath. Two hours after having a hot bath is when your body is at an optimum temperature to sleep.

7. I read somewhere that you shouldn't keep your laptop in your room (impossible) and that your bed should only be for sleeping an sex. Unfortunately I like blogging and studying in my bed so I also don't do this...

8. Draw. I do this now cos it's something to focus your brain on while not staring at a screen and it's chilled too.

amber x 


  1. ah I hate not being able to sleep, the writing down what's in your head is such a good idea though, I also find that if I've been laying there for what seems like ages and sleep isn't happening it can be good to go sit in another room for like half an hour or so, or just lying there will get frustrating and make you less likely to drift off :) x

  2. Ah these are really helpful! 5 and 7 I totally ignore now though despite knowing I shouldn't. As in, I'm literally sitting on my bed typing this hahah xxx