Monday, 13 January 2014

Accepting Anxiety

I don't really talk about many personal things on here 'cos that's not what it's about. But I recently had a counselling session to help me deal with the anxiety and panic attacks I've been having for the last six months. The counselor showed me different ways of viewing my anxiety and I decided to share some of it on the blog seeing as I know lots of other bloggers who suffer in a similar way to me.

1. Many people who have panic attacks end up avoiding situations where they've had panic attacks before or felt really anxious. For me that's going out in the night with friends, or being home alone for too long. So I sometimes tend to try and avoid these situations and when faced with them get really worked up. To help this I just need to not avoid these situations so much, but start small. So being home alone for a little bit during the day.

2. I need to not fear the panic attacks. For me, the fear of having one tends to actually bring one on! Instead of being scared of having one I need to acknowledge that yes I might have one, but there's no danger and it doesn't harm me or anyone and just view them in the simple physical terms that they are.

3. When I feel anxious, I need to accept that it's OK, instead of getting worked up that I'm anxious! So even while I'm feeling worried, I need to have a second train of thought that's saying "it's OK to be feeling this way".

4. After having a panic attack, especially when out with friends, I feel guilty for it. In case I've ruined the night. And I have some pretty spectacular friends for taking care of me and being so understanding. I always apologise. To be honest I apologise all the time for everything when I shouldn't! It trains my brain into thinking I've done something wrong so I need to do the opposite and not apologise for having a panic attack.

5. This is directly related to why I get anxious so might not relate to anyone else. I hate conflict and it terrifies the life outta me. Especially conflict with my closest friends so I tend to keep certain opinions to myself and I get worked up over the slightest disagreement and worry I've annoyed someone. To stop feeling anxious about this I have to start small with just expressing my opinion more so I realise that my real friends aren't going to hate me, even if I get on their nerves!

Phew. That was quite a heavy going personal post. Never posted one of these before. Lets see how it goes down and get back to my usual sarky self... bet you missed that hahaha.

amber x 


  1. Its really brave to talk about this and I can relate so much to your post, thanks for sharing!! Over on my blog im currently running a feature to raise Anxiety Awareness x

  2. Excellent post - thanks you for sharing

  3. I can relate, I suffer with depression and anxiety :/ Really brave of you to write about it lovely

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