Friday, 13 December 2013

8 Things I've Learnt at University (So Far)

(Not a lot to be completely honest)

1. How to cook not using the microwave. When I say cook I mean open the packet and put smiley faces on a baking tray and cook in the oven... Not like properly cook. Hahahaha.

2. A lot of new words and phrases. Mostly from my housemate from Birmingham. Anyone else know what dank and leng/lengst mean??

3. Not everyone knows what pastel colours are. This surprised me a lot.

4. Naps are extremely good for you. But we all knew that anyway.

5. Most lecturers are paid to just read off a powerpoint and call it teaching. You learn which lectures aren't worth going in for.

6. You can find all sorts of junk in people's front yards, waiting to be taken. Cardboard is the best, think of everything you could make with it!

7. How to play Command & Conquer.

8. Food is expensive so sometimes it's just not worth eating (joke - you must eat to live, duh).

I've just finished my first term at uni *happy dance* and so far I think I've learnt more about utter shit life than what I'm actually studying. The main thing I can remember from my course is that sponges have cells called penacytes and choanocytes.

amber x 


  1. Haha I agree with all this completely. You definitely learn more new words from your flat mates than you do from your course!


  2. Totally agree with the lecturer one! I find it crazy that people now have to pay 9,000 grand a year for only approx 6 contact hours a week and even then some of the lecturers aren't v good! x