Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Taking Stock

I found the this on mantrapixie here and 'cos I'm in a bit of a rut at the moment I thought it'd be a good idea to do it and take stock.

Making: up bad things in my head
Cooking: ready meals
Drinking: a lot of rose
Reading: thriller books, at the moment it's genesis
Wanting: to be happy
Looking: forward to going to Ireland to be with my family!
Playing: command & conquer on my laptop, my housemate bought it at a charity shop
Wasting: energy
Fixing: up my room at uni so it's more homely
Deciding: if I should go home early or not... not a big one but it's bugging me
Wishing: i was at home with my family
Enjoying: spending time with good friends
Waiting: for something really big to happen
Liking: pringles
Wondering: whether electric doors don't work if there's a power cut
Loving: Christmas lights
Pondering: why eyebrows stop growing. My housemate pointed out that if you shave your eyebrow it grows back but it does stop growing at some point!
Considering: what to do next
Watching: a lot of New Girl
Hoping: that the New Year will be better
Marvelling: at how warm the weather is for December. At least in Portsmouth anyway
Needing: a break
Smelling: insence, and deciding which ones to buy
Wearing: checked shirts
Following: old friends on facebook
Noticing: the things that affect my mood most, what makes me happy and what brings me down
Knowing: that things get better
Thinking: about everything, all the time, too much
Feeling: confused
Admiring: the new kwiki mart around the corner from us!
Buying: Christmas gifts
Getting: on with wrapping said Christmas gifts!
Bookmarking: this illustration series. I found it ages ago and showed my friends and so bookmarked it this month.
Opening: up
Giggling: at best vines videos


  1. I hope you feel a bit better soon, I hate being stuck in ruts and it's awful, I hope you have a happy christmas though :) xx

  2. Aww I'm so glad you decided to do this! Hope everything starts getting better really soon chick xx


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