Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Reasons I hate NYE

WARNING - if you have no sense of humour and are a top mardy bum and die hard New Year's Eve fan... You might not like this post.

1. The insane over excitement. Seriously what is up with that? Do you people not have nights out for the rest of the year?!

2. The constant "WHAT DO I WEAR??!!" or "hahaha I still haven't planned what to wear..." the latter does not make you look breezy about it by the way.

3. The fact that everyone buys a new dress every year specifically for New Years, can I ask you something, do you ever wear them again?!

4. The panic people have to find plans or somewhere to go.

5. Those depressing people who are like "oh forever alone" yeh well I'm not surprised...

6. On the other hand those people who are like "oh you're single? Don't worry you'll find someone... have you got a friend you can kiss at midnight?"

7. It's no where near as good as Christmas lets be honest.

8. New Year, new me. Why wait until New Years to change yourself?! 

9. New Years resolutions. Ok these aren't the worst but lets be honest, do you really stick to them?

10. The constant New Years themed tweets. Yawn. #sorrynotsorry

What do you think? Are you a die hard New Years fan? In which case, well done for getting to the end! Or are you like me and see it as just another night?

amber x 


  1. Haha this is brilliant! And all so true! I never understand how people afford to buy a new dress for every new years eve...along with their new dress for each Christmas party too! I think NYE is usually the night where everyone's looking back on their year (which is always nice), complaining about their year, or slating others for being hopeful about 2014! It's a silly night tbh, that's why I usually stay in with my best friend - no desperation to embrace the cold and spend an extortionate amount of money.

    So true about how you can change yourself any time of year, people clearly only wait until the new year because they're not motivated enough!

    Great post! Did make me laugh (:

  2. I really dread NYE ever year!! Brilliant post!


  3. Number 5 HAHAHAHA. I know a few people that applies to

    Hayley - Teapartybeauty.com


  4. I did actually stick to mine last year, of losing weight. One year on and I'm two stone down! But I agree with you on everything else. New Year's always gets too much hype and I'm just left disappointed!


  5. hahaah very true! I do always get a good feeling as a new year approaches, a fresh start and all that! Although I could do without all the new year, new me status' and all the indirect abusive status' aimed at said people! New Years Eve is always so overhyped and overrated but will continue to be something that people get excited about! And if its someones excuse to put their glad rags on then why not I say haha!

    A very happy new year to you! :)

    Charlotte xx

  6. I don't enjoy New Year's as a night particularly (am a total homebody!) but I do love it as an opportunity for a fresh start and motivation and potential! And I LOVE making resolutions and setting myself challenges! :)