Tuesday, 17 December 2013

OOTD || fluffy jumper

Uhuh there's me looking like a squishy pink marshmellow. And hellooo awkward camera face. Ignore the face, just appreciate the fluffy. And the amazing coated skinnies I've had for years now. And hello ankles.

Also that is what my room looks like now I've moved out. It's like a hotel room! Except really really pink. It doesn't look like that anymore... I haven't bothered unpacking since getting back and it looks incredible. Incredible in a really really bad way... Bet my rents can't wait for me to leave again so they can get it looking like a show home again! 

Last thing - my feet look strangely large in this photo but I really think that's the shoes or in comparison to my skinny ass ankles. 'Cos my feet are actually small. They just look weird and clownish here... I'm gonna stop rambling now 'cos this is just my awful inner monologue and no one needs to hear that.

amber x 


  1. Ohh I like it! I really want a fluffy pink jumper but I keep questioning whether I'll actually wear it hahah! xxx


  2. What a great looking marshmallow, love it babe!