Monday, 9 December 2013

Christmas Gift Guide for Quirks...

Quirks is a nice way of saying it. But quirky Christmas gifts that people wouldn't buy for themselves or even think of are the greatest. I've seen so many good gifts online on Urban Outfitters and in cute shops around Portsmouth (if you live in Portsmouth, go Albert road and go Zensation. And while you're there buy me some bongos and maracas).

Top-bottom, L-R
My Very Healthy Snacks lunchbox - This would have been perfect for my housemate who's a vegan! It's only £5.99 as well. Another brand that does great quirky things like this is Waldo Pancake.

Inflatable unicorn horn for cats - Unicorns are awesome, but you need a cat for this. Or you could just give it to someone with a pea head.

Maracas - These ones are from amazon where you can find loads, but I only thought of them 'cos I've seen so many around Portsmouth. I realise they're not exactly useful but I think everyone needs them.

Dream catcher - Again, seen loads of these around Portsmouth! I only thought of it since my housemate bought one, now I think they are also a necessity, like the maracas.

Wreck This Journal - This seems to be a favourite with bloggers so it kinda had to be included. It's definitely something anyone could enjoy, not just those who are creative.

Straw glasses - We have a pair of these at the house, bought from the 99p store, so you don't even have to spend much on these! Pretty jokes for a student house, and they are extremely useful.

DIY unicorn sharpie toy - Something else unicorn themed (thank you urban outfitters!) and creative without needing an artist's skills. Perfect for someone like me who likes to be creative but can't draw for shit...

DIY ukelele - Ukeleles are amazing. I was given one from a charity shop for a birthday once and it's still one of the best presents I've received! And this is even better 'cos you have to make and decorate it yourself!

There are great shops in Portsmouth that sell random little things like penis bottle openers, chocolate chili willy roulette (I don't know...), jokes mugs, drinking games, incense sticks and holders, bongo drums and maracas (pleeeaaseee). Most of these don't cost that much, making them perfect for poor students to buy as Christmas gifts! Just take a trawl around some of your local charity shops and you are bound to find something! Yay Christmas!


  1. The dream catcher is adorable xx

  2. I really want a Wreck This Journal... its one of those things I wouldn't buy myself but would love as a present!
    I'm also intrigued by the ukelele!
    Kaz at Sunshine Days x

  3. such good ideas! wreck this journal would be such a great present! x