Sunday, 17 November 2013

9 Things No One Tells You About Student Life

There are the usual things people warn you about student life and they always say you won't be prepared for these things, but these things you actually are prepared for because you get warned so much. You will come up with a whole list of your own of things you weren't prepared for!

1. Your laptop background will always be a webcam photo of one or more of your housemates or something crude. Or, if you're lucky, a pug

2. When weird things happen, you'll develop a habit of blaming a house ghost

3. You will name said house ghost. Probably something like Kevin or Bob

4. You will lose your phone at some point. If it's an iPhone hopefully you'll get it back. If you have luck like me, you won't, and you'll downgrade to a £5 Samsung (anyone else know this pain?!)

5. Registering at the Doctor's means peeing in a tiny specimen tube and sitting in a waiting room with said tube with loads of other people. This tube means chlamydia test which you didn't sign up for.

6. It's actually not that hard to eat healthily... I always have apples and random veg with houmous in the fridge (is that weird?)

7. You will have mice. And if you live with boys they will scream and jump onto the sofas when they see one.

8. Glasses disappear after you have a house party

9. Trying to save money by keeping the heating off results in damp. Turn on the heating. Unless it's broken, then it's not your fault.

Was there anything you learnt at uni that nobody warned you about before?! I'd love to hear!

amber x 


  1. hahaha loved reading this! the glasses and the heating is SO TRUE, it didn't even save us that much money anyway, and things tend to descend into pettiness :P

    Great post :D

    Tigerlily's Beauty Blog


  2. I hope I never loose my phone!

  3. I lost my phone, back in the day when Sony Ericson were all the rage. I left it in the bathroom at a Uni event night thingy and it was never to be seen again.

    Charlotte - xx

  4. I laughed out loud at this, I thought it was just my house that blames everything on our ghost!!
    Great post, and so so true! xx

  5. haha student life does sound hilarious! love realistic funny posts like these:)
    lily x
    Joli House

  6. your point about the mice made me laugh so much because that's exactly what my male house mates did, as well as making me kill any spiders!! x

  7. This is all exactly right!!!