Friday, 1 November 2013

Instamonth #October

R-L from bottom
Dominoes night in || cute panda socks || new tattoo || showing off the tattoo || topshop make up || new nail polish || Albert Road || boys' cake || cocktails for the boys' birthday || funky straw || housemates || healthy dinner || smiles || pink day || dad's birthday || my sister || found a shakeaway in Portsmouth! || sunset on the beach || Guildhall || best halloween costume!

This month has been craaay. I got my first tattoo! It was two of my housemates' birthday on the same day! So me and my other housemate gave them the best birthday,see the cake, cocktails and funky glasses?! I started trying to eat healthier, and failed. I went home briefly for my dad's birthday to surprise him. And for a Halloween party, me and my housemates all wore Nicholas Cage masks. Best Halloween costume ever.

I don't know when I'll next be doing an instamonth post because my iPhone has been stolen *sadface* so I'm going to buy a cheap phone to keep me going until I either find it, or if I have insurance, hopefully get a new one!

amber x 

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