Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Happy List #13

I was doing these lists weekly but I might try it as a two weekly thing now, and we'll see how that goes instead! I really like putting these posts together, even if they get less views than other types of posts, I like looking back on my week and thinking on the good bits.

- This song
 It reminds me of working at Fat Face!
- Looking forward to Christmas, the lights have gone up on Commercial Road in Portsmouth and all the shops have decorations up!
- Christmas shopping!
- Buying fairy lights for my room at uni to make it more cosy
- Ordering a 'Zombie Walrus' cocktail
- Super lazy weekends with nothing but bed, junk food and more bed
- Game of Thrones! Anyone else?! I've just started watching this with my housemates and it's really confusing but I freaking love it!
- Runs on the seafront
- Charity shops on Albert Road
- Candles and incense

amber x 

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