Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Happy List #12

- Living close to the sea. I can walk there and go for a run along the seafront which is lush
- New running shoes!
- Phone calls from the fam at home
- Omelettes
- Staying up all night chatting, and sleeping all day
- Snow Patrol
- Having a bonfire in the back garden with my housemates and some friends from across the road
- Snuggling on the sofa under a duvet to keep warm
- Pugs. Click on this link and just watch it for a bit, it'll make you happy, I promise

This was meant to go up on Monday but I've had a busy week. Sorry, that's not true, I didn't have uni today or yesterday so spent both days in bed! It's just been one of those weeks! And I'm hating not having twitter 'cos I don't have my iPhone anymore *sadface* and I can actually see a difference in my views and comments, if you're a blogger and you don't have twitter, get it! It clearly makes a difference!

amber x 

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