Monday, 4 November 2013

Happy List #11

This list is an important one for me, after I've just had a pretty sucky week I want to look back at the good bits of it :)

- Lots of dressing up! I went out with my three housemates and we all made and wore Nicholas Cage masks. This week I also dressed up as a zombie golfer and Violet from the Incredibles.
- Mega lie ins cos of days off uni!
- Keening it in interesting lectures
- My amazing housemates for picking me up through such a down week! Bless them :')
- Happy music
- Frilly knickers
- Popworld! Best cheesy music ever.
- Girly night out watching Fireworks at Gunwharf and spending the whole night in Coast to Coast, where we had the best time with cocktails, amazing food and service! Such a great place to go! Oh and they give you free jelly beans when they give you the bill...
- Being surrounded by birds while feeding them my chips :)

amber x 

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  1. I love New Girl and that Captain America shirt is adorable. I just got back from watching the new Thor today and enjoyed the trailer for the new Captain America flick. I'll be seeing it.


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