Monday, 21 October 2013

Happy List #9

- Eating healthy(-er)*
- Having an easy week at uni and having time to do more nothing
- Having a laugh about the night before the morning after...
- New Girl!
- Soy sauce on absolutely everything
- Going to see the fam for the weekend for dad's birthday and surprising him!
- Pizzaaaa
- Getting to have a bubble bath at home :')
- Chocolate croissants for breakfast with the fam
- Alt-J 
- Lush! There's one in the city and it's so bad for my bank balance (said every beauty blogger that ever existed haha)
- Cosy naps on the sofa

*Umm so this lasted approx two days of this week...then Wednesday night happened and McDonald's happened a lot this week...which also makes me happy so its ok!

amber x 


  1. Your happy list makes me happy haha xx

  2. Oh yes I've been loving Lush a lot recently. Some of the things in their new Christmas range are amazing.
    Water Painted Dreams xxx

  3. Alt-j ALWAYS makes me happy xo

  4. Nice post!