Thursday, 10 October 2013

Getting Your First Tattoo: Does It Hurt?

That's what everyone really wants to know, isn't it? Does it hurt? Sorry to disappoint but there's no straight answer. Yes and no, it depends. We all have different pain thresholds and a small tattoo will hurt less than a big sleeve.

If you've always wanted a tattoo and have your perfect design in mind, the pain doesn't matter. You have probably been through more painful things.

Tattoo design

I'd been dying to get a tattoo for so long but couldn't make up my mind about what to get, so put off getting one until I was sure about what I wanted. I knew I wanted a Harry Potter tattoo, nerdy I know, I looked up Harry Potter tattoo ideas on Pinterest and found so many inspiring designs. The Harry Potter books got me through some hard times as a child, then as a teenager. I wanted a reminder of the magic. I don't think tattoos have to be meaningful, I have so many tattoo ideas that aren't "meaningful" at all!

Choosing the right tattoo shop or tattoo artist

I didn't know of any tattoo shops near me so did my research; googling tattoo shops in the area, speaking to people who had experience. I went to a couple of shops to view the artists' portfolios. My design was so small it didn't really matter, but I go hard when I research! After choosing an artist and chatting with them about my design, I booked an appointment for a week later.

The day you get tattooed

Two friends came with me when I got my first tattoo. I was the guinea pig. One of them held my hand. I may have been a tad overdramatic... If you're scared of needles, just look away. You don't have to look. The pain will not leave you screaming. YOU WILL BE OK!

Basic tattoo care

You should be able to purchase tattoo cream when you get your tattoo. They will instruct you how to care for it. I bought a small tub of tattoo cream and left with my wrist wrapped in clingfilm. To care for a small tattoo like mine you should:
  • gently wash it four times a day
  • apply the tattoo cream after each wash
  • redress with fresh cling film each time

Tattoo cost

The cost of your tattoo will depend on the size of it and the experience and availability of your chosen artist. For reference, my tiny wrist tattoo only cost £30! It's worth saving up enough for the perfect artist for your tattoo.

Below: Redressing it!

amber x 


  1. You WILL get addicted. I want to get another (I have 3 already, 1 big one, 1 medium and 1 small) soon but I need to save for it. I love tattoos though and unfortunately, like you said - its not scabbing but it will. They all do! No matter how much cream you put on, but its normal and try not to pick! Ace choice though, so different!


  2. I love how its an indirect Harry potter, I did something similar but with a Dumbledor quote!

    Courtney x

  3. YAY I love tatoos, looks awesome xo

  4. I love it! I'm getting two more for my birthday... the hunger for it gets insatiable!

    Charlotte - x

  5. Very cute! In Australia, I haven't ever seen anyone cling film their tattoo before. I was never told to by my tattooist, either but I've noticed heaps of people in the UK do it. I'd love a Harry Potter tattoo, but I have no idea where to get it! xx

  6. You will definitely get addicted!
    But I do LOVE harry potter and this is so cute