Monday, 2 September 2013

OOTD || Boyfit Jeans & Crop Top

Bambi crop top - DIY || Boyfit jeans - ASOS (out of stock) similar here || Nude slingbacks - Zara (out of stock)

I found these photos on my camera that I took probably over a month ago! I'm pretty sure I was just running errands (that sounds so much better than saying "doing nothing all day") and didn't actually wear those shoes for the day but I wanted to show them off here instead of my usual scraggy converse.

 A few things...
1~I finally have somewhere to live in my first year at uni! Yay! And I have to be moved in in under two weeks... urrg. 
2~A puppy will be joining my family this Wednesday and 'cos everyone loves puppy photos imma spam you all with puppy photos
3~ Finally; thank you everyone who has left me lovely comments on my last few posts, or tweeted me nice things, you are all super lovely people!

amber x 


  1. Hey Amber! Ahh so scary your going to uni so soon. I wish you luck. Love your jeans, and by god your skin is amazing.

    Mel xx

  2. Very cute outfit, love the top! Good luck with Uni, I'm going back next week! xo

  3. Nice outfit your top is so cute!
    Meg xx (new follower)