Sunday, 29 September 2013

Happy List #7 || Portsmouth!

- Moving into my rented house in Portsmouth

- Everything about living in Portsmouth! The lidl right around the corner from our house, my housemates, my comfy comfy double bed, the free student bus, the beach, the pier...

- The independence I get from living here. Don't get me wrong, I love my family, but I'm quite independent and while I'd hate living on my own, living in a house with three other students is the best thing ever for me.

- Staying up all night drinking with my housemates and never actually making it out of the house!

- Melting chocolate in a casserole dish, added rice crispys and eating them warm out of the bowl because we haven't got cupcake cases and we like melted chocolate...

- Having random food for dinner (chocolate rice crispy mess in a bowl and spring rolls...)

- Laughing so hard in inappropriate situations and at absolutely nothing. Me and one of my housemates went to open a bank account and when we were left alone in the office we started singing this:

- Making new friends and bonding over anything :)

- Actually cooking dinner for me and my housemates!

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