Sunday, 8 September 2013

Happy List #6

This post from The Cup and Saucer made me well up and really touched my heart (which I can safely say, no other post has done before). It gave me all positive 'it's all going to be ok in the end' feelings inside and I felt more peaceful than I have for a while. Just read this whole blog, every post makes me smile :)

- Harley, our new puppy. He loves cuddles ALOT, especially falling asleep in someone's lap. He also really likes fluffy things, including my slippers. He barks at his toys thinking they're alive and he's a little bit afraid of climbing out the back door... only been a few days but he makes life so much better.

- Knowing that this baby is on it's way to me. Haven't actually bought anything for myself in a while (unless a deposit on a house counts?!) and I can't wait to have this!

- Feeling grown up and responsible spending my whole paycheck and more on a deposit for a house! And I picked up the keys today ready to move in next Saturday! Eep!

- Watching the rain from inside, in a new jumper, eating noodle soup. Mmm noodle soup.

amber x 

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  1. I can't wait until you get it! I like the jacket. I think it looks really nice :)

  2. Oh thank you SO much for including my post- I'm so flattered, and so glad it made you think that things are going to be OK. You've put the biggest smile on my face, Amber!! Squee for new puppy and house deposit though, someone's officially a proper grown up!! xx

  3. ah that jacket looks great, and the noodle soup part reminded me of friends :L good luck with your new house and uni :)xx

  4. That jacket is lush! I have wanted one like that for a while but never bought one... Maybe I will soon :) xo

  5. LOVE the jacket, especially the collar!

    -Erica xx | Bloglovin