Thursday, 29 August 2013

Happy Music

Music just has such an effect on your mood and there was a moment in NY when this really hit me. My mam and I were just walking towards Bloomingdales, I was in a great mood and from the open window of a parked van I could hear the radio and just as we walked past the first few chords of a particular song started. I've never heard this song played anywhere, it's like it was deliberately rubbing it in my face! It was like being punched in the stomach and everything literally slowed down as I got the biggest shock and those few chords took me right back. It wasn't a good feeling to be honest.

Anyway, a song has never been able to knock the senses out of me like that before and I didn't think it was possible. It was probably 'cos I was in NY so I was as far from life as possible so it was a bit of a shock having those memories fecking follow me to NY!

I decided to write this post to share some music that is actually making me feel better at the moment. A little heads up, there's One Direction and Taylor Swift in it...

Best song ever - One Direction

22 - Taylor Swift

Trouble - Taylor Swift

Let her go - Passenger

Flaws - Bastille
Ok everything by Bastille should be here.

I love it
It's the line "You're from the 70s but I'm a 90s chick" that picks me up :)

amber x 

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