Thursday, 25 July 2013

How To Save Money

Different post for you today but I notice a lot of bloggers complaining that they have no money and going on spending bans etc etc so I thought I'd share how I keep on top of money :)

- It's all well and good having a job and working really hard to earn the money but it's what you do with the money that counts. My wages go straight into my current account but I recently set up a savings account and I always transfer them into that straight away. I make sure I have no more than £100 in my current account but that there is always some for spending or emergencies. This helps me keep a track of how much I have. I also use online banking and check every day how much I have and I am constantly checking my incomings and outgoings to keep on top of things.

- A really simple way of literally saving the pennies is to put all your change into a jar. And, I'm sure you might think this is desperate, but by picking up change on the ground and adding that into a jar you can add it all up too! I have lots of little jars for saving for various things :)

- If you want something, wait, save up enough money for it so you're also not broke if you buy it! Chances are, you'll change your mind! I see so many bloggers buy things and then a couple of months later sell them on ebay! Whaaa?!

- Invest in good staple items. A good white shirt, jeans, clean simple things that you can wear over and over again. To update your look all you gotta to is add the accessories!

- I know I said it was cray cray to be selling things you just bought on ebay... but if you don't wear something anymore/have outgrown it SELL IT! ebay or ASOS marketplace are great for this! I recently made £40 from selling lots on ebay! Squee!

- Avoid the shops. If you don't go into shops, you'll be less tempted. Although that's harder with internet shopping (my weakness) but it will tempt you less!

This might all be easier said than done for some people so maybe it won't be any help haha. I think I'm the opposite to most bloggers, I find it really hard to part with my money on material things, which unforch means I tend to miss out on things I really want (those amazing white Zara heels? GONE! THEY'RE GONE!)

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