Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Happy list #5

 - The constant sun and heat. Just everything about it. That might have to be a totally separate post haha...

 - Spending lots of time near Brighton at the boyfriend's. where he lives is so beaut I love spending time there!

 - Mr whippy ice creams!

 - Researching boxer dogs and searching for a puppy!

- Having girly gossips with my sister  :)

- Catching up with old friends I'd fallen out of touch with during exams, so nice to have them back in my life

 - Making new blogger friends, squee!! you are a lovely lot!

- Accepting that there are some people who just get off on being nasty bullies and knowing that I am better than that but that it's actually OK to stand up for myself! That is my new mission in life: don't be a doormat!

- Written 100 posts on this blog now! Yaay! Guess what that means... *whisper it* giveaway!

- Buying people presents or treating someone! Took the boyfriend to Wagamamas and insisted on paying 'cos it was me who made us drive for over an hour just to get there. It was also my fault we got lost. Besides that I really just wanted to do something nice for him as he is stupidly generous! And it's my mama's birthday tomorrow! Oops better go wrap those presents...

amber x 

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  1. mr whippy ice-cream... YES PLEASE! & congrats on 100 posts!

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