Thursday, 6 June 2013

Summer 2013

In two weeks I'll have finished the rest of my exams and will be free to enjoy summer, yay! I have been making so many plans for the summer and I want to make the most of all of it and go back to doing all the things I love and go places :) I have made a list (I love making lists) to remind myself of them, they're all just fun, simple things, not proper goals (apart from learning to cook, that must be done) so I thought I would post it here and I have it to refer back to!

  1. Learn to cook (using my student cookbook!)
  2. Start running again
  3. More things to take up again: belly dance, kickboxing, guitar & yoga (I miss them *sadface*)
  4. Listen to old favourite music and find new stuff :)
  5. Girls holiday in Hampshire!
  6. Family holiday to Fuerteventura
  7. Drive somewhere
  8. Spend lots of time with the boyfriend and go places with him :)
  9. Spend lots of time in Brighton, on the beach (and in the shops...)
  10. Spend more time in London
  11. Take sister to London for sister-bonding time :)
  12. Redecorate bedroom - paint it white and add lots of colourful cushions
  13. Help spring clean the house, ready for an extension! (Fingers crossed!)
  14. Have duvet days
  15. Go for lots of long walks
  16. Drink a lot of milkshakes
  17. Eat a lot of kiwis
  18. Watch Gossip Girl
  19. Have a proper massage, 'cos I've never had one before and I think it's something that has to be done.
  20. Have a manicure
  21. Go out more with my friends ie stop being a hermit.
  22. We're getting a puppy so lots of research and find our puppy!!
  23. Read all the books I've been waiting to read
  24. Go to NEW YAWK with my mother :')

One thing I mentioned ages ago in a post was that I came up with an idea to take a photo every day over Summer to get me using my camera more so I will be starting that from 19th June, after my final exam! And I will probably make it a weekly post :) If anyone else wants to do this with me, let me know and post your links below so I can have a look! Also let me know if you have any similar "goals" for Summer (not that these are goals just fun things to look forward to haha).

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