Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Happy List #4 || Birthday!

- Turning 18 and suddenly feeling very responsible when that is coupled with...

- Being able to drive anywhere/anytime I want, legally, alone. Yes, I passed my driving test!

- Getting cards in the post!

- Family from Ireland coming over and old (and new!) family friends joining us for my 18th :)

- Pink champagne!

- Barbecued prawns and salmon. Freaking YUM.

- Buttery bagels

- Only have one week and three exams to go until freedom!

- New shoes! Lots of new shoes :')

What little things have made you happy recently? :)

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  1. haha pink champagne ! win
    have an awesome birthday!

  2. have a cracking birthday and well done on passing your driving test! x

  3. Im turning 19 in july. And i dont know how to drive. Ohmygod, im such a loser. asdfghjkl. Anyways, have a happy birthday! :)) xx

  4. Nic list ;)
    I really like your blog!