Tuesday, 18 June 2013


- I turn my phone off when I want to ignore someone.

- I eat peanut butter out of the jar (who doesn't!?)

- I think Alexa Chung is plain...

- ...and I really love One Direction.

- I hate when people get 'brought' and 'bought' muddled up. This makes my blood boil.

- I collect rubber ducks

- If I'm doing something interesting, and I need to pee, I will wait as long as possible...

- ...and if I am doing something dull, like studying, I will get up to use the loo at every opportunity.

- I like to throw things on the floor/across the room when I'm really mad.

- I really really really hate feet.

- I start to make a cup of tea, then forget and leave it brewing for half an hour.

- I tend to see the worst in people.

- I always feel guilty, even when I've done nothing wrong.

- I will always say 'i don't mind' because to me it's much more important to make others happy... i am a massive push-over basically yeh...

And one final confession... I'm feeling really uninspired by blogging at the moment. I know I've hardly posted so should feel great about getting back into it, but I really don't. My last exam is tomorrow and then I'm going away next week to Hampshire with some friends for a relaxing week. I'll blog what I can but there's no point in forcing it, so apologies for being a bad blogger haha.

Also would anyone fancy doing a guest post for me next week? I don't actually even know how guest posts work (another confession!) so if anyone is interested, let me know :)

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  1. Ahhh the brought and bought thing winds me up too! I also HATE it when people say 'defiantly' when they mean 'definitely'. Now THAT makes my blood boil!


    Sarah Nunn // UK Style Blog

  2. Is there another way to eat peanut butter, lol
    Great post <3
    Sammy xxx