Monday, 6 May 2013

My Weekend

I have literally had the best weekend ever and I don't want it to end! If only my exams were over already!
I went out with some friends to celebrate two friends' birthday (twins!) on Saturday night. We spent the evening drinking pimms at The Anchor, sitting outside by the Thames and then eating amazing greek food and drinking lots of wine at The Real Greek. Super lovely night :)
I spent most of sunday with the boyfriend; we were going to go see Iron Man 3 (aaaahh!!) but it was too nice and sunny so we had lunch instead in my home town. He took me to a cute little cafe I'd never been to before and they did grilled salmon with chips and steamed vegetables. It was super cheap and had such a great menu, even for pescetarians/really picky eaters like me ;)
Today I mostly studied outside and had the piggies out in their run all day, they were being so cute and funny! And to round up this weekend we had a yummy barbecue!

So that was my weekend; a really great one! What did you do over the bank holiday weekend? How did you enjoy the nice weather? (If you had it!)


  1. Aaw, your guinea pigs are so cute! xxx

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  3. Wah your pets are too cute. I just want to cuddle them up
    Roxy's Box of Tricks  


  4. Omg your guinea pigs are so cute! So so adorable :)

  5. I love your little guineas!!