Thursday, 30 May 2013

Everyone loves music

"The music kids today listen to..."
"You call that music?!"
"Ugh dubstep, that's not real music!"
"Try listening to this instead..."
"Modern music is so shit"
"What happened to real talent?"

I'm sure you've heard people say these before, or you might have even said something like this. In short, I freaking hate it when people say things like this. Of course, everyone is entitled to dislike certain music, I rather dislike Justin Bieber but that doesn't mean I'm gonna go hating on people who do like him. Many people who listen to old rock/modern rock turn up their noses at modern pop or dubstep music (my boyfriend is a serial offender of this) and it's so annoying! Fine you like rock and not pop, you can tell people this BUT NO NEED TO BE A DICK!

It probs seems like I like pop and dubstep (which I do) so I'm getting defensive but I actually mostly listen to  70s rock, like The Clash, or more modern bands like You Me @ Six. So I'm not defensive, I agree with rock fanatics who think rock is amazing! However I do not go hating on people with different music tastes to me. This might be because I like most genres of music, from One Direction to My Chemical Romance, but I really think it's so damn WRONG! And not to mention arrogant and close-minded.

I'm not saying you must like pop and dubstep or even give it a try, just don't look down your nose at people who do, because who made you any better than anyone else?

This is sucha ranty post but after seeing some nasty comments on youtube, and it's always been something I hate, I had to share my thoughts on it and it'd be interesting to hear what others think too :)

So to round up here are some songs that I am listening to at the moment: :)

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  1. i agree. modern music is absolutely pants!
    talent shows have ruined music :(

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  2. I honestly just don't care about genres in music, if a song makes your hair stand on end then it is a good song and for that reason genre is the last thing I'll ever care about because it just splits people up and puts them against each other. I have a bit of a crazy heavy metal friend and she caught me singing to 'What makes you beautiful' once and she genuinely didn't talk to me for a week :L Am like 'Fuck it? It is a damn catchy song.'
    Rant over.

  3. Great collection. Will be eagerly waiting for more.

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    And will love to hear from you. I am a new follower of yours on both GFC and Bloglovin

  4. ah I hate when people judge the things other people like, it makes no sense at all, relate to this post so much :') xx

  5. I'm in love with Pompeii too! and I'm also loving "Get Home" by Bastille. We have very similar music tastes :) Would you mind checking out my blog? x

  6. LOVE this post! And completely agree, plus youve mentioned 3 of my favourite bands!

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